What is a sourcing agent?

Trying to source a product out of China on your own, without any knowledge of how the market operates is extremely difficult.

The benefit of using a sourcing agent is they will know the appropriate factories to contact to source the items you require & you do not have to find a supplier for yourself which carries considerable risk.

This will ensure you have products with right quality & cost & negotiations can be undertaken on your behalf.

All aspects of sourcing your products can be organised.

Regular updates on progress can be provided.

Why source out of China?

Cost is the primary reason & China is the world’s leading manufacturer & exporter of goods.

Although wages in China have been rising, the labour force is still cheaper compared to developed countries. The labour force helps to produce products in bulk & can accommodate any seasonal industry requirement.

Items which are labour intensive especially enjoy cost advantages.

Chinese factories generally operate on large economies of scale as they scale up their production for both the vast domestic market & also for export globally.

This helps them to keep their costs down & therefore make Chinese products cheaper.

China’s business ecosystem of networked suppliers, component manufacturers & distributors has developed to make it a more efficient & cost-effective place to manufacture goods.

What are the new supplier opportunities in China?

China has a huge supplier base.

With so many factories, the competition for business is high.

Therefore, Chinese factories are very keen to secure business.

How good are the transit networks in China?

The Chinese government has consistently made the development of the infrastructure within China their key focus.

This has resulted in improvements of road, rail networks, ports & airports for better connectivity within the country.

Businesses are therefore able to move raw material & finished products more efficiently & at lower cost.

What currency do I purchase goods in from China?

  • US Dollars

What is an FOB cost price?

Free on Board is the most commonly term in sea freight.

This means that the factory or seller quotation includes all costs up to the point that the goods are loaded onto the ship at the required China port.

The buyer is then responsible for all costs to the UK port & onward inland freight.

What is an CIF cost price?

This is a shipping term which stands for Cost, Insurance & Freight.

The factory or seller quotes for product based on getting the goods to the agreed UK port & covers cost insurance & freight of a buyer’s order whilst in transit.

Once the goods are loaded in the UK the buyer is responsible for inland freight costs.

What is an MOQ?

This is the minimum order quantity the factory will be prepared to produce. The lower the FOB quotation for a product the higher the MOQ & the higher the FOB quotation the lower it will be.

What product categories can you arrange quotations for?

  • Furniture
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Housewares
  • Home
  • Garden
  • Health
  • Gift
  • Christmas

How are goods shipped to the UK From China?

Goods are shipped in either 20’, 40’ or 40’ High Cube containers, depending on the quantity ordered.

Goods may be consolidated with other buyer’s products.

Which China Ports are goods shipped from?

The top 10 ports in China are:

  • Shanghai
  • Shenzhen
  • Ningbo
  • Hong Kong
  • Guangzhou
  • Qingdao
  • Tianjin
  • Dalian
  • Xiamen
  • Yingkou

How many products do I need to buy – Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)

Depending on the value and size of the packaged products we can let you know the MOQ. 

We specialise in sourcing container quantities of products to warehouses. 

Call us to find out more information about the minimum order numbers as it will depend on the type and size of the goods. 

What are the transit times from China to UK?

The amount of time it takes for a cargo ship to travel between China & the UK depends on the exact route & speed of the vessel.

This is normally between four & five weeks.

What are the Ports for UK delivery from China?

 The main two ports are either Felixstowe or Southampton

Can I get my goods air freighted from China?

Many companies offer an air freight service from all main China airports.

Rates are subject to fluctuation with key driving factor being the space availability, fuel costs & currency exchange rates.

The cost of sending goods this way is considerably more than by using sea-freight.

How do I get my goods Quality inspected?

All goods will be inspected at the factory by our Quality Assurance Inspector or by an independent QA inspection service accredited Test House.

What information will be on my quotation?

A standard quotation for a product will provide you with the following information:

  • Date of quotation
  • Length of validity
  • Picture of the item
  • Product Description
  • FOB cost
  • FOB Port of Shipment
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Dimensions of Product
  • Dimensions of Carton
  • Product Weight
  • Number of units to fill a 20’ Container
  • Number of units to fill a 40’ container
  • All required certification available to meet UK requirements
  • Payment Terms

At what stage should I request a product sample?

Once the FOB cost price & minimum order quantity is accepted, then you should order a sample, which I will arrange for you to be sent by courier.

This will be checked first by the company I work with in Hong Kong before being sent onto you to ensure it meets yours quality requirements.

What are your standard payment terms?

Initial Order – 20% TT Deposit, 80% TT on Receipt of copy documents (once your goods have been loaded onto the vessel in China ready to ship, you will be sent you the documents, so you can arrange to release your payment).

When can my goods can be shipped from China?

After a product sample has been received & checked & before your order is placed, I can determine with the factories best shipping date is.

This will depend on how booked up the factory is with other clients orders.

Standard shipping time from order placement to shipping from a China port is 90 days.

However, again this can vary depending on how booked up the factory is with orders from other clients & the availability of containers.

Can you return goods to China?

If you receive a shipment of goods from China, which are defective, it is very difficult to return it.

There will be inbound duties as the defective goods find their way back to their Chinese port.

This is the reason Quality Assurance checks are always performed before goods can be released by the factory for shipping.

Will I need a Visa to travel to China?

Yes, you will need a valid visa to enter China, but not Hong Kong.

This must be applied for in the UK from a Visa Application Centre.

You will require to travel to the Application Centre in order to provide biometric data (scanned fingerprints).

When are the Trade Shows in China or Hong Kong?

By providing the product categories you are interested in, I can advise of when & where the shows will take place.